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Институт проектирования приборов и систем (Cadence)

Ректор: член-корреспондент РАН, д.т.н., профессор Юрий Александрович Чаплыгин
Телефон:(499) 720-87-24, Факс:(499) 710-19-65, Внутренний телефон:29-24

Device and system design Institute
(DSD Institute)

The DSD Institute was set up by the Rector’s order based on the resolution of MIET Academic Board in 2001.


Rector – Prof. Y. A. Chaplygin, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Director – Prof. M. G. Putrya, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Head of the Teaching Department – L. Y. Shishina, Assistant Professor

Contact by:

Tel: +7 (499) 720-87-24

Fax: +7 (499) 710-19-65

e-mail: ieem@miee.ru

The Institute trains specialists, masters, post-graduates and doctorates using various forms of education including day-time instruction and direct professor correspondence using distant teaching technology. Training is provided at the expense of MIET as well as on a contract basis.

The Institute provides all levels of higher professional education on a continuous basis and in steps, conferring the qualifications (degree) of a certified specialist and master in a particular technical field.


Specialists in the following lines:

654100 – Electronics and Microelectronics (specialties: 200100 – Microelectronics and Solid-state Electronics; 201900 – Microsystem Engineering); 654600 – Information Technology and Computers (speciality 220300 – Computer-Aided Design Systems); 653900 – Biomedical Devices (speciality 190500 – Biomedical and Medical Apparatuses and Systems); 014100 – Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices.

Masters in the following lines:

654100 — Electronics and Microelectronics (specialties: 550715 – Integrated Microcircuit Technology and Design; 550714 – Electronic devices and Apparatuses; 550704 – Micro- and Nanoelectronics); 654600 – Information Technology and Computers.

Post-graduate course and preparation for doctor’s degree on the following specialties:

05.27.01 – Solid-state Electronics, Radio-electronic Components, Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Quantum-effect Devices 01.04.10 – Semiconductors and Dielectrics Physics.

Resourses and technical equipment.

The Institute activities are financed by MIET and the Mirantis company which represents Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in Russia. Cadence is the leader in electronic design automation and has been working with Mirantis and MIET to offer a foundational two-year master’s degree in analog and mixed-signal design for Russian engineers.

In addition to general purpose lecture rooms, the Institute has two specialized laboratories equipped with 20 SUN Ultra 10 stations, 1 SUN Ultra 60 server and 10 IBM PCs. A full licensed Cadence software package is installed for end-to-end design of VLSI devices according to 0.13 µm design rules. Cadence also supports the Institute by providing students with access to a specialized library and internships, plus ongoing curriculum development support with technology and methodology training for professors.

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