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Security memo for students

Security memo for students

How to protect yourself and feel safe in Moscow and Zelenograd.

To avoid accidents and secure yourself we recommend you to:

  1. Don't expose and show off expensive jewelry, watches, mobile phones, cameras, etc.
  2. Don't let other people see how much money you have in your wallet.
  3. Don't go out if you have taken some alcohol.
  4. Use only public transport or official certified taxis.
  5. If somebody behaves aggressively, don't provoke further aggression.

In case of illegal actions against you address the policeman or dial:

01, 112, (499) 735-16-01 – Emergency service

02, 020 (MTS, MegaFon), 002 (Beeline) – Police

03, 030 (MTS, MegaFone), 003 (Beeline) – Ambulance

In the underground there are also emergency stands you can use.

If you have trouble on campus, go to police department (at the students hostel (499) 735-52-64 at the University (499) 731-00-41),

or dial 02, (499) 731-08-32. You can also address security in any university building or hostel.